Covid-19 Information


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is subject to the health and safety of its members and community.  Although, we meet in person - we practice and maintain safety precautions as directed by the CDC.  In an effort to maintain this practice, we are providing updates as it is received. 

Covid-19 info

There is Good News....Philadelphia's vaccination rate is 70%!  However, this means we still have 30% of our family, friends, and neighbors not fully vaccinated and at increased risk of contracting spreading Covid-19.

As Faith-Based Leaders in our community, we are calling on you in our efforts to provide accurate and reliable information about the Covid-19 vaccination.  We know fear, anxiety, and misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccination exists.  With your assistance, we hope to break through the myths.  It's crucial to know the facts and to help facilitate those in our community in getting the vaccination.  

Please join us in our efforts and educate members of your congregations as to the importance of the Covid-19 vaccination and their role in maintaining the health and well-being of our communities.

We have provided information that would be of help.  Covid-specific websites are on our website.  Please click link above for more details and share with your family and friends.  Become a part of the effort in caring for the health and well being of our communities.

Thank you