2022 Summer/Fall Rollout

** July 9th - Executive Council Meeting   

** July 31st - Church Service at St. Tim's                   (Pastor Deb Wolfe's  Retirement.                                    (There will be NO service at the church for Prince of Peace on this day)                                                                   

** August 6th - 10am Council Meeting w/  Rev. Bryan Penman.                                                                                    Bryan Penman is Co Director of Evangelical Mission of the Synod Council.  Coucil members be sure to bring your lunch.   

** August 9th - Feast For Friends & Prince of Peace will be giving out food to families.  Cupboards will be open EVERY OTHER TUESDAY for more information, feel free to call us at (215) 921-1689.  Food will be distributed at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church                                  6001 Colgate Street                                                                  Phila. PA. 19111                          

** September 11th -  'God's Work Our Hands' Sunday

** September 24th -  Council Meeting

 ** October 29th - Fall Festival 


Keep Them In Prayer

** Jane F.

** Katherine H

** Betty R.

** Robert W.

** Eleanor R.

** Alma B.

** Andrea C.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is in Thanksgiving for the life and ministry of Mary Himmelrich - whose Memorial was held on May 14th. 

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is in thanksgiving for the successful surgery for William S. and Frank H.

Updated Announcement

new happenings at P O P

April 9th - Spring Fling

April 10th - Palm Sunday Procession with palms

April 16th - Church Council Meeting followed by church decorating for Easter

April 17th - Resurrection Sunday

- Baptism Recognition of new members

April 23 - Synod Day of Service

-making breakfast bags for Feast for Friends

April 30 - Synod Assembly

May 14 - Church Council

May 15 - Sabler Baptism

Holy Week Services

April 2022 - community churches

** Redemption Church                                                  Location Bustleton & Rhawn Street                                      Maundy Thursday      April 14th    7pm                                  Good Friday                 April 15th     7pm                                 

** St. Pauls                                                                     Location: 5th St. & Nedro                                            Maundy Thursday      April 14th 7:30pm                                Good Friday                 April 15th 1:30pm  and  8pm                         

** St. Johns                                                                             Location:  Tyson & Hawthorne                                           Maundy Thursday          April 14th 7pm                       Good Friday                     April 15th  7pm

** Tabor                                                                           Location:  Front St. & Roosevelt Blvd.                    Maundy Thursday         April 14th 4pm                         Good Friday                   April 15th 7pm

** Saints United                                                                          Location: Ryan & Rowland Avenue                          Maundy Thursday        April 14th 7pm                          Good Friday                   April 15th 7pm

** St. Tims                                                                     Location: Hunftington Pike & Filmore Street        Maundy Thursday          April 14th  7pm                       Good Friday                    April 15th  7pm              




- Keeping You Updated

Welcome to this new page for visitors, friends and members.  It will inform you of new and updated information regarding upgrades to building maintenance; late openings, closures due to weather, safety or other hazards and more.   It is imperative we keep you updated as best we can,  we appreciate your patience.   


No Sunday Service on January 30 


There are still roles to fulfill within the church.  If you'd like to share your time and talent; it is always needed.  If there is a story of interest or an announcement - be sure to share it with Sister Eaddy.